Prepare Chilis: Control The Heat Level

Here’s some tips for handing chilis and avoiding burning hands.

By Vickypee  I  Published on April 30, 2024

Prepare Chilis Control the Heat Level

All about capsaicin in chili peppers that makes them spicy, is in the seeds and the membranes. Specially, capsaicin occurs in cayenne pepper, and other chili peppers. Bell peppers are the only member of the capsicum family that don’t contain capsaicin, and thus register zero Scoville units.

The white membranes in side a pepper contain the most capsaicin, and the actual flesh of the pepper contains less. The seeds of the pepper don’t contain any capsaicin at all.

To reduce the heat in the dish, remove the inner white pith to reduce heat. If you like spicy foods, add a few seeds to the dish instead of discarding them. When handling hot peppers, especially if you have sensitive skin, were rubber gloves and avoid touching your face and prevent touching other sensitive body part. Also be sure to thoroughly wash all knives, cutting boards, or other cooking instruments that have come in contact with hot pepper.

Here’s the way to get the right kick of chili in your dish and leave no trace of its fiery on your fingertips.

Cut the chilis in half lengthways.
  • Use a small sharp knife to cut the chilis in half lengthways.
Remove the seeds and white membrane.
  • Then cut along the inside of each half to remove the seeds and white membrane. The compounds that give chilis their heat is mainly found in the membrane and seeds.
Slice the chili according to the recipe.
  • Finely chop or slice the chili according to the recipe.

Take It Easy

Make very finely chop the red chilis on a copping board and knife instead of using stick blender. If you prefer.

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