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About Vickypee

I couldn’t be more excited to share the recipes with you, because I love food. The joyful, amazing thing about food that it has delicious diversity of taste, color and texture: everyone’s welcome. On the most basic level, it feeds our hunger and keeps us alive. It can nourish, sustain, help to heal, be favorite, convenient, comforting, fun, surprising or an adventure. Celebrate the power that food has bring people together, share and connect with those you love.

Begin and Becoming

I fascinate about cooking and happy eating is joyful life. I left my career in Japanese Advertising Agency Company to dedicate my time to my love of food styling. In fall 2005, I became its co-founder of healthy Cake shop and Restaurant in my townhome. On the way to a new, exciting life of love cooking and food adventure it’s been!

Work in the Kitchen

Asian-inspired cuisine, that’s my well-love part in nourishing flavors of Asian to all, the ‘dishes’: taking fresh, nutritious ingredients, cooking them well that works both for the customer and for the kitchen preparing it. Learning experience, and complete, and total make-it-happen dishes, the challenge of serving up healthy, hearty, and satisfying food that tastes amazing, day after day, week after week. I always filled with ideas, and more inspired. Working with passion from creating to culinary, a mission for healthy, happy, joyful eating delicious things.

At Vickypee

Luckily, I happen being optimistic for a happier life. I have learned to embrace the positive side of working reality has taught me a handful of truths: each new day is a blessing, and nothing is more delicious than food you cook yourself. And that brings me ongoing the story to our days at Vickypee. Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy your time here.